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Who is behind ISLANDTEA?

It is a young West Indian woman who decided to create a company representing her values but above all her origins. Having worked for a nutrition brand and having a great interest in "healthy food", Mélody decided to undertake something that resembles her. This is why she calls on her friends and their entourage to develop the brand as well as possible.

The ISLANDTEA signature

Coming back to our brand values, we wanted to highlight our talented French artisans and at the same time take you on a journey through a cup of tea!

This is why we call on professionals for the realization of the combinations of plants and fruits. The formulations are well studied and are specially designed to best meet the needs of everyone, we want to know what we are ingesting! No harmful products only natural!

Regarding our packaging "like no other", inspired by tropical islands by its foliage and exotic ingredients, our designs are hand drawn then in watercolor by our artist therefore any copy or inspiration will be followed by a prosecution since these creations are unique and protected by INPI !

Why ISLANDTEA exists?

After many studies, we can see that on the Asian continent drugs do not exist and longevity is important! This would be due to benefits of plants , so why not exhibit this concept in France ?! In order to reduce the abuse of drug treatment which heals on one side but destroys on the other (undesirable effect, etc.) and to stop spending a fortune on so-called "miracle" products. to deteriorate health that has no interest is not it ?!

The observation:
L he days are only 24 hours long and we often forget ourselves for lack of time. So how do you fit a wellness routine into such a busy schedule?

The solution : ISLANDTEA teas & infusions! To make our lives easier and take care of ourselves naturally, ISLANDTEA sets up with quality teas: an infusion in the morning and / or in the evening with a breakfast or a balanced meal and voila! (Re) find a healthy body from the inside out… and healthier!

The result : A happy population, in good health, well in its body (or its sneakers) Because we make it obvious… yes we all prefer ease, no ?!